Tape2data - Blackmagic 4k Camera Hire. Digital Betacam, HDCAM & VHS Transfers

We do Real Time Video Transfers of VHS, Sony Digital Betacam & HDCAM Tapes.


£ 15 each . Up to a 90 min Tape

plus £ 6 for a USB Stick

Digital Betacam/HDCAM

£40 per 15 min Tape ,  £50 per 30min Tape

£55 per 45min Tape,   £60 Per 60min Tape

£90 per 65min Tape,   £120 Per 75min Tape

Plus SD or SSD costs

BMPCC 4k kit

Camera Hire

VHS Tape Transfers

The Transfer of VHS Tapes excludes

£6 for a USB Memory Stick

If you have more VHS Tapes to transfer, you will only ever be charged for 1 USB Memory Stick

Pro Tape Transfers

We also make Digital Copies of,

Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, and MPEG IMX Formats.
Panasonic P2 Memory Cards

SSD or SD Cards can be supplied by the Client or by us (at an extra cost).

Please note that not all SSD and SD cards will work.

If unsure Please contact us for further details of suitable Cards.

Send us your Tapes! We charge a standard UK Delivery Charge of £5 to return them to you upon completion, or if you spend over £100 we offer free Delivery.